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Love and Life Lyrics - Mohamed Yussef

Love and Life

No, don’t think that religion is faraway from love and life
And that by abandoning religion you’ll live and love what your heart loves
Or that the days will be better and you’ll see the Dunyah as a rescuing shore

Your religion is a sea of hopes, a shore for the prettiest dreams
Religion isn’t what you think.. this is not allowed, that if forbidden
But islam is really beautiful, that’s not islam what you think!‬

All of it’s obligations guides us and calls us for the good
It forbids us from every way that takes us to the evil
‏And allah is merciful and patient, he always calls for righteousness

In religion, there is prayers and greetings and also happiness and delight
And the religious is who you meet, and find him smiling and as sweet as light
He seeks to build up his dunia and he has a delicate behavior and patient

Islam is a peace within us, it plants people’s love in us
Islam is a love ship, pushed by the best feeling
‫How beautiful life is, if we lived and made islam the base

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